Today’s post shares 5 Easy Tips To Make Better Videos.

Whether you are brand new to internet marketing or have a few notches in your IM “belt,” you probably know that…

Videos and Video Marketing are essential to building your authority status in any niche.  These Tips to Make Better Videos can help you grow your business faster. Period.

Seriously, take a look around at just about any popular business niche online, and you will find the top earners and leaders use video in their marketing.

The trick is – it’s not that hard. Don’t make it hard! These 5 Easy Tips To Make Better Videos will have you connecting with your target market quickly and easily. The tools you need are far less than you may have imagined – you have a smart phone, right? Well the camera in that baby is better than most video cameras 10 years ago!

Check out these 5 Simple Tips to Making Better Videos, and you can join the video marketing movement today!  Add a few tools for better videos (grab my video essentials gear list below), and you can make yourself an authority in your niche with a handful of videos to the right targeted audience.

Start with understanding that your audience doesn’t really care what you look like – appearance isn’t that important.  Content is very important – share valuable information!  Then, center yourself or your content (whiteboard or other presentation), use good lighting (watch the shadows and ghostly lighting to your back or side), and good audio – get a small microphone or record in a quiet place.

See – simple.  Keep it simple like this, and you will see just how the 5 easy tips to make better videos can help your business!

If you want my Video Essentials Gear List, just Click The Link:, and see how you can start making professional-looking videos with less than $50 in Gear.  Of course, I also include some of the upgrades I’ve made over time.  Those are cool, too.

Penny Kelley is a marketer, wife, mom to two great kids and one spoiled cat, soccer fan and wine lover. Connect on social media or on her blogs: (IM and Affiliate Marketing) (Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing)

Penny Kelley
Penny Kelley

Penny Kelley is a Professional Coach and Consultant specializing in Traffic and Lead Generation. She is passionate about helping marketers and entrepreneurs achieve ambitious goals and live their dreams. Penny is also a wife, mom to two great kids and one spoiled cat, wine lover and soccer fan, and intimately understands the importance of maximizing your productivity in your business and you life! How can Penny help you achieve your goals?

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