Are you uncertain about how you will pay for college or fund your desired retirement?
Here’s how I can help you with that. I’m Penny Kelley, and after two decades in corporate sales and marketing,
I cashed in the retirement fund and walked away.
True story.

It was time to stop allowing bosses and companies to control my family’s future.  I needed to take
back the control to ensure we could pay for private high school (now) and college (very soon).

In one short year, I invested TENS of THOUSANDS of Dollars chasing shiny objects, buying programs, and
joining “deals” to learn how to make my classic sales and marketing skills translate to the online world.

Michelle Pescosolido & Penny Kelley
Penny Kelley & Michelle Pescosolido – Online Profit Team

Then I found a system that worked, and a team of support.

Next came action and implementation.

I spent months learning, and slowly began DOING.

Note: The Doing is the Key.

You must take action if you want to see results.

Invest in yourself.  Believe in yourself.  Then forge a path forward to the future you desire,
where you and your family have the security that most traditional jobs lack.

I found this when I joined MTTB and the Online Profit Team.  I took control of my future.

 Now, it’s your turn!

 I want to share what I’ve learned with you.

IM Profit School is here to help people just like you!

There is simply no reason for you to spend tens of thousands of dollars to find success.

You see, after *Finally* focusing on the few important daily actions, and the marketing training
from my mentors, I had a $1k month, and the very next month, I had a $1k SALE!  Now I’m doing
all of this in just a few hours a day.

You can do it, too!

I created IM Profit School to help you accomplish your goals.

When you watch the video, just click the link, answer a few questions and see if you are a fit for our team!


Penny S. Kelley