Patriot Funnel System – Review & Case Study

Patriot Funnel System Review

The Patriot Funnel System has helped thousands of people learn how to get leads and make sales online.

There are military families in need of extra income or seeking opportunity after fulfilling their military service.  There are thousands of others who didn’t serve, and love this system simply because it works!

Today’s post will give you a little more information about Patriot Funnel System, why it works, and what it may be missing to make you successful.

First, let’s talk about what it is…

Patriot Funnel System is a Done-For-You program where you only need to find leads and send them to the system for offers that are already proven to work.

It is also Simple – you get 21 training modules with step-by-step training and a personal coach to guide you.

You have access to a full spectrum of online educational products and systems to use in your promotions.

There is also access to training on how and where to find those leads you need to send, so there is truly no need for online experience.

Now, let’s talk about what it’s not…

Patriot Funnel System is NOT a “set it and forget it” kind of turn-key magic wand.  It’s not something where you just enter your information, and suddenly start making commissions.

It requires you to do a little work to make the magic happen.

If you are willing to spend as little as one hour per day working on your new business, then you can see results!

What is it missing?

Perhaps a little EXTRA personal attention after you’ve completed your training…but I’ll get to that in a minute.

With Patriot Funnel System you get access to ongoing support via a support team and Facebook mastermind group.  You also have access to weekly training webinars to learn more about how to get leads and grow your business.  Top earners teach something every week.

There is an entire website for marketing support with links, done-for-you ads (banners) and sales pages.  You literally just send leads to those offers.

In fact, the company behind Patriot Funnel System has paid out more than $50 million in commissions (more than half of that in the last two years), and was awarded Best Online Education Company in 2015!  (Watch the video here.)

Need proof?  Here are some notes on a Patriot Funnel System Case Study you can see on the link at the bottom of this page.

Jason and Erika were both in the military.  After they married, Erika went back to school and became a military wife.  They always seemed to struggle because of the frequent moves, keeping Erika from reaching here career potential in the civilian workforce.  When it came time for Jason to retire from the military, they looked for a way to start their own business, and work together.  They found Patriot Funnel System, and went from zero online experience to six-figure earners.  Just click the link at the bottom of this post for the rest of their story.

But, what about that extra personal attention after the training is complete?

Well, I can help with that.  You see, I’m part of an affiliate group, kind of like an online family. Whenever a new person joins with one of us, you get immediate access to our team site for additional training and support.  There’s a Facebook group, bonuses & more training on getting leads and sales .  Our goal is to help you build your business the right way to secure your future for a long time to come.  Learn more about our Online Profit Team Here.

In addition to the Support of the Online Profit Team (and all those bonuses!), you get my extra support and training.  Everyone who joins with me gets access to my exclusive 60-Day Smart Start Program – 14 videos with training on lead generation, video marketing, blogging, and more.  All for your application fee of $49 to get started.  Amazing, right?

We believe in this system so much, and we know you will love it, too!  Just in case you don’t, there’s a money-back guarantee.  If you speak with your coach and don’t think it’s a good fit, then you can get your money back right away.  We want you to be successful – and happy.

Ready to see more real-life Patriot Funnel System success stories, and hear the rest of Jason and Erika’s Case Study? CLICK HERE

Patriot Funnel System

Penny Kelley is a professional Traffic Coach and Home Business Trainer helping entrepreneurs write their own success stories every day.  She is also a wife, mom, soccer fan and wine lover.

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