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When Looking for the Best Way to Make Money Online, How Much Do You Value Your Time?

Let’s say you have a goal to achieve and you have to complete a specific task a number of times to achieve it.  For example, you want to earn $5k in a month. (If you can hit $5k, you can get to $10 in just a few more months.)  If you are looking around at Joint-Venture offers and Affiliate offers that pay you a commission, you are likely earning somewhere between $7 and $50 per new customer that you bring into the sales funnel.  [If you are very new – watch my IMProfitSchool video here to learn a little about sales funnels and how they work.]

So, back to the point of the story, you need to raise $5k, and you’re looking for an efficient way to do this because you only have about an hour a day to work on this new side business, and you really want to take that cool vacation with the family.  Now, let’s be generous and say you are only selling those products that pay you $50 per sale, which isn’t bad for those types of products.  For that product you would need to sell ONE HUNDRED (100) items to hit your $5,000 goal.  Not bad…very do-able.

However, let’s say you have a system with a live sales funnel and a sales team that helps you out with high-ticket back-end offers.  If you have an offer that pays $1,000 to you for each sale, you would only need FIVE (5) of those to hit your goal.

So, which of those would you rather do?  100 customers in 30 days or 5 customers in 30 days?  Which do you think is more likely for you when you are brand new to affiliate marketing?  I hang my hat on the $1k sales as the best way to make money online – every time.  As a matter of fact, I recently posted a picture of $1392 in commissions from 3 sales over 6 days.  Pretty cool, huh?

Best Way to Make Money Online

To profit from the best way to make money online, do you need special skills or a lot of technical knowledge?

Simply put, no.  When I first started using this system, I worked a corporate job, and didn’t know anything online marketing or affiliate marketing.  Honestly, I’d never even heard of affiliate marketing.  I knew about commission sales because I’d done a little of that after college, and worked route sales for a while when I was younger.  However, all of this was WAY outside my comfort zone.  But…I knew I had to make it work.  I knew things were shaky at work, there had been a lot of changes, and it seemed more were coming.  I spent a little time every night learning something for a few minutes, and implementing it for a few minutes.  I did this nearly every day, and a little extra on the weekends.

After about a month of consistent effort, I started to see results – now, that’s the best way to make money online – seeing it in your back office!

I continued to participate in webinars and community calls and team training.  I continued to improve my skills, and my confidence followed.  It was looking like I could really make this work!  I’ve always believed that life is a series of re-inventions, especially in today’s environment.  There is no job security.  Corporations will make the best decision for the corporate bottom line.  Period.

Shortly after I started on this journey, I did leave that corporate job during a re-organization.  I left with the confidence that I would be okay, and so would my family.  Every few months my income is better.  That’s the dream for any new business, right?  Consistent growth.

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Learning to do it for yourself is always the best way to make money online…here’s why…

When you go through the step-by-step training and learn the marketing and advertising skills, those skills can be applied to ANYTHING you choose to do in the future.  If you want to develop your own product or set up your own online store or business, you will gain the knowledge to do that…if you stick with it.

You see, there’s a lot of talk about Done-For-You stuff out there.  That’s great!  I totally support using the tools the affiliate marketing systems provides when you first start.  Use the lead capture pages, lead magnets and email follow-up that the affiliate marketing system provides, especially if you are offering high ticket items on the back end of the purchase.  Those have all been tested thousands of times – or more – and proven to work.

Why mess with that?

Frankly, if it’s what brought you into the program, it must be pretty good, right?  Then, as you learn how to do the different parts of the process, you can take over those parts piece by piece.  Eventually, you will know how to build most of the process yourself.  However, you still have the affiliate marketing system to do all the not-so-fun parts: product fulfillment, customer service, refunds, problem with technical issues and links…the list is long.  It’s great to have that part done for you, no matter how much you learn.

In conclusion, I believe the best way to make money online is affiliate marketing with high ticket offers because it makes a huge difference in your income in the early years when you are just starting out.

Think about the example above.  Say you have a product that pays $40, and about 50% of those upgrade to a $1000 higher ticket offer.  With just 10 sale at $40 and 5 at $1000, you’ve made $5,400.  That’s only 2.5 sales per week…less than one per day.  It’s a very reasonable goal for someone who is new and just getting started.  You can make it even simpler when you have an entire community of support to help you along.  When you join 45-Minute Paydays with me, you also become a member of the Online Profit Team where you get additional training, lead magnets and cool ways to promote the affiliate products.  Plus, there are 10 more possible income streams you can tap into with the Online Profit Team.  Check it out here: Online Profit Team


Penny Kelley is a former corporate executive and now a full-time marketer.  IMProfitSchool helps her spread the word about her passion to help people start and grow a home business to secure the future they desire.  Penny is a wife, mom to two great kids and one spoiled cat, wine lover and soccer fan.  Contact Penny here.

Penny Kelley
Penny Kelley

Penny Kelley is a Professional Coach and Consultant specializing in Traffic and Lead Generation. She is passionate about helping marketers and entrepreneurs achieve ambitious goals and live their dreams. Penny is also a wife, mom to two great kids and one spoiled cat, wine lover and soccer fan, and intimately understands the importance of maximizing your productivity in your business and you life! How can Penny help you achieve your goals?

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