So, maybe you’re like a lot of other people – like I was not-so-long ago – looking for the way to find real work from home success and actually earn enough to provide for your family.  Sound familiar?

I finally cracked that code, and want to share how to get the real work from home success that you desire: High-Ticket Affiliate Programs.

After months of struggling, and working on one program or offer, and then another, I finally did a little more research on the matter.

There is simply a lot of information out there, so it’s hard to know what to do if you want to find true work from home success.  There are great opportunities out there, and there are also a lot of ways to spend money without any return on your investment.

Affiliate Marketing is definitely gaining popularity in the work from home arena, as noted in this article in Entrepreneur.  You can find several “clearing house” type companies that you can join and promote offers, many of them even have some training available.

An article featured by Intuit mentions some of these programs that work.

The problem?

You basically have to be an expert when you start.  You have to understand how affiliate marketing works, and how to promote products and affiliate links.  You need to know how to track those links to know which ones are working and resulting in sales for you.  Of course, the biggest problem is that these systems don’t usually teach you the basics of MARKETING to get the conversions you so desperately need for your business to work.  You need to understand marketing, and how to reach your target audience the right way, and that is the key training that is missing in many affiliate programs.

Wouldn’t work from home success be easier if you could simply plug into a system that already converts and also teaches you the basics of marketing to get your “machine” working?

Well, that’s exactly what I found!

This program provides step-by-step training on how to be a successful home-based entrepreneur, how to market  and find people who actually want what you are offering, and they do all the fulfillment for you.  Now that last one is pretty standard in affiliate programs – that’s the attraction of affiliate marketing for many people.  You get to have your own business, but someone else does all the customer service, product fulfillment, and technical “stuff” for you.

Here’s what makes this Affiliate Program different, and why it makes work from home success so much faster for many affiliates…

High Ticket Offers!

You can learn the basics of marketing get some traction in your campaigns, but if you are making commissions $5 or $10 at a time, or even $50, at a time, then it will take  a lot of transactions for you to “pay your bills” with this income stream.

However, if you can earn $1,250 to $5,500 in commissions from your efforts, then it gets more realistic that you can start something part-time that will actually produce that success you’ve been searching for in a work from home opportunity.  I’ve personally see new affiliates come in and move to four figures a month in a few short months.  Check out my video below to give you a little more info on how it works, and how you can get started now.


Penny Kelley is a wife, mom, soccer fan and wine lover, whose passion is helping new entrepreneurs start a business online to secure their future.
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Penny Kelley
Penny Kelley

Penny Kelley is a Professional Coach and Consultant specializing in Traffic and Lead Generation. She is passionate about helping marketers and entrepreneurs achieve ambitious goals and live their dreams. Penny is also a wife, mom to two great kids and one spoiled cat, wine lover and soccer fan, and intimately understands the importance of maximizing your productivity in your business and you life! How can Penny help you achieve your goals?

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